Blessing of renewed generalate house

After two years of modernization works the day of blessing of generalate house has been scheduled....


Meeting in Katowice

The second meeting of the coordination team, preparing the unification process of Polish Provinces,...


Change of the director of our houses in Germany

Mr. Winfried Mohr, a long serving director of our houses in the German Province, has retired on...


Our apostolate in the Philippines

In Manila an official registration process of our apostolate is going on. An educational program...


A new foundation in Tansania

A new sisters community in Kilomeni / Tansania was founded on 31st December. Kilomeni is a...


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The Congregation of Mary Immaculate Sisters was found in the middle of the nineteenth century in Wrozlaw, the former Silesia, Poland. The Congregation’s aim was - and still is today - to assist young women in need and to support them in various ways. Over the years we started to also work in our hospitals and nursing homes. Nowadays both reach to East-Africa (Tanzania) and Asia (Philippines). Please accompany us for a part of our way, with patience and God’s blessing.

Reverend Mother Sister M. Alma Bialek

 “Our Sister’s willingness to recognize the signs of time at all times, gives us even in our time the affirmation, that change and creativity will give us strength to prepare us for the eternal. One, who is not ready to change, to build, to create will lose, what he wanted to preserve. The primary reason is, to act in accordance to God, to listen to His voice, which leads us from within.” Welcome to our new homepage where we would like to inform you about our work and philosophy.


The congregation was found in the middle of the nineteenth century from Father Johannes Schneider. (History)

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