New sisters in Tansania

The congregation in Tansania (Africa) is growing. On August 28th four young women began their...


General Chapter 2017

From May 2 until May 18, 2017, the General Chapter of our Congregation took place in Berlin. Its...


Provincial Chapter of the German Province 2016

From September 28 till October 02 the Provincial Chapter of the German Province took place in the...


Tanzania and Upcoming Provincial Chapters

On August 28, 2016, 4 Sisters made their First Profession and 3 postulants began their...


New branch in Tanzania

On January 4, 2016 our Sisters in Kongwa, Tanzania, opened a new subsidiary whereby they now have 7...


Our Congregation's Mission

Our apostolate is based on two main aspects:
1. On the gospels and our Christian faith. The faith in God and the love towards human beings are inseparable connected. In a human being we can meet Christ himself, especially when are suffering. Our actions are the consequences and expressions of that faith.
2. On the tradition of our Congregation and our founder’s example.

Our Congregation, which was founded in 1854 in Wroclaw, follows a tradition of devotion to social issues. Our Founder, Father Johannes Schneider, offered help to young women in need, who had lost their social security due to the changes related to the industrial revolution. Our Congregation goal was, as it started off as a serving community, to build a home as well as stable living conditions for the young female workers.

In spite of the change which has occurred over the past 150 years, we are still taking care of sick, old, disabled and care-dependant people. Our mission stayed: We want to attend to the weak and to those who live at the fringe of society with extraordinary sensitivity. We try to especially turn towards suppressed girls and women who are in need of help.

Our Mission – Our Work

1. Girl’s and women’s work: Work in girl’s education, dedication to women and girls in need, maintenance of women’s shelters and student accommodations
2. Care of the elderly: Maintenance of nursing homes and senior citizens' homes.
3. Care of the sick: Conduction of hospitals and ambulant health services.
4. Work with the disabled: Maintenance of establishments for disabled people.
5. Work with children: Administration of kindergartens and children’s homes.
6. Pastoral care: Accompanied retreats, spiritual guidance, pastoral care for deaf people, pastoral care for the sick and elderly people, work in communities, pastoral care in hospitals, religious education.
7. Career training: Maintenance of nursing training colleges.
8. General social work: Maintenance of kitchens for the poor, support of immigrants.
9. Missionary work

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