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Life in a Religious Community

Our daily life is characterized by our praying periods and is supposed to form and to fructify our actions. Therefore we commonly celebrate the Liturgy of the hours in the chuch:
- Lauds – the Morning Prayer
- a short Midday Prayer
- Vesper – the Evening Prayer
- Compline – with the night’s prayer the church ends the day

Without a vivid relationship to Christ it is not possible to achieve a proper life in the convent. In our daily studies we turn towards Christ, try to fully understand his words. We draw the strength required for our work from His words. The administration of the Eucharist is the centerpiece of our day. An essential feature of our life in the convent is the circumstance of living in a community.

For us ‘community’ means that we deliver our Founder’s charisma into the world together, even though we fulfill our apostolic tasks individually. That is what is so very pleasant about a communal life: you are never alone. Next to the collective meals and prayers we obviously celebrate the feasts of the liturgical year together as well. During the day we fulfill our apostolic tasks, based on every Sister’s abilities and strength. To perform those tasks certain requirements and further education are needed.

Obviously, however, relaxation time (recreation, free afternoons, holidays) is important as well, so that we can renew our mental and physical health.


Remarks to the life as a nun


Sr. M. Agnes Sindermann (78 years)

When did you join the Congregation?
When I was 23 years old.

A communal life has advantages and disadvantages. Can you please describe some?
The disadvantages: You have to always be considerate of others. You have to accept the individuality and the peculiarities of the other Sisters. Furthermore there are certain limits to the time and money available. The advantages: The feeling of security, the exchange between Sisters, the community which follows the common ideologies. To live in small rooms, the celibacy, no own money…

Sisters living in a convent have to abandon certain things. Can that sometimes be hard?
For it does not have anything to do with abandonment. It is not at all hard, I feel at home in the convent. Living in a society, a marriage, a family, all that requires consideration and appreciation.

Would you join the convent again?
Yes. Life in a convent is very reasonable and fulfilling – that is what it was like 50 years ago and that is what it is like today.

Sister M. Sibylla, born 1976 in Poland

Why did you join the convent? And why do you want to stay?
I was searching for the meaning of life and a strong love. Both I have found in the convent.

Why did you become a Sister of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Sisters?
I just wanted to join any convent. The name or orientation was not very important to me. Today, after eight years, I see that it was the right decision to join the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Sisters. God guided me to the Congregation. For that I am very grateful.

What do you expect from the community? And what are you willing to give to it?
I hope that I will find inner peace in the community of Mary Immaculate Sisters. I hope, that I will find my individual call and that I my interests and talents will evolve. That is what I will offer to the Congregation.

A communal life has advantages and disadvantages. Can you please describe some?
Here I have found a community, which is dearly important to me. But it definitely has to be open to all human beings, their concerns and problems, as well as the changes occurring in the world.

Sister M. Mathildis Hoppe, born in 1940

Being a Sister of Mary Immaculate Sisters means to me:
- to experience the closeness of God the way Mary did and to draw strength and joy from it.
- to feel the unavailability of God, to learn how to have faith the way Mary learned it and to practice that faith anew every day.
- to stand beneath the cross, helpless and powerless, and to pray to the incomprehensible God.
- to marvel at the great gifts God gave me and to try to repay him with all my love.
- to perceive God through hearing over and over again and to let Him have total control over me, in whatever way He wishes. 

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