New sisters in Tansania

The congregation in Tansania (Africa) is growing. On August 28th four young women began their...


General Chapter 2017

From May 2 until May 18, 2017, the General Chapter of our Congregation took place in Berlin. Its...


Provincial Chapter of the German Province 2016

From September 28 till October 02 the Provincial Chapter of the German Province took place in the...


Tanzania and Upcoming Provincial Chapters

On August 28, 2016, 4 Sisters made their First Profession and 3 postulants began their...


New branch in Tanzania

On January 4, 2016 our Sisters in Kongwa, Tanzania, opened a new subsidiary whereby they now have 7...


The Way to our Community

Wanted: a human being. One from among 6 billion,
height and appearance: unimportant,
bank account and type of car: irrelevant.
It is offered: An interesting occupation
It is required: inhumanly much: More listening than talking, more understanding than judging, more helping than complaining.
A human being is wanted!
Gratitude is not guaranteed.
If you feel ready for that job,
Please contact us as soon as possible.


How to become a sister of Mary Immaculate?
Religious formation as a process of maturing in giving an answer to God' call lasts a whole life. The initial formation of our congregation is divided into three stages: Postulate, Novitiate, Juniorate.

The Postulate is preceded by a short period of initial introduction, called Candidature, during which the contact between the Congregation and the aspirant is made, so that the discernment on willingness and abilities to join the religious life can be made together. Postulant living with sisters in a community is supposed to make the candidate understand the meaning of life dedicated only to God, following the example of Mary. The postulate lasts from 6 to 12 months. A Novice undergoes two years of probation time while living in our community. This time serves the purpose of the novice preparing herself theoretically and practically for the religious life. Furthermore it is a time of anew assessing of her vocation. She will be initiated in the religious life and directed towards understanding and living out the evangelical counsels. She will try to get to know the spirituality of our Founder.

The novitiate ends when the novice takes her first profession of vows (poverty, celibacy and obedience). Life as a junior sister lasts five to six years. She is recessing her responsibilities for performed apostolic tasks and maturing in the decision to make the perpetual vows. It’s the period between the first profession of vows and the profession of eternal vows. The junior sister expresses her availability and willingness to serve for God and man kind as her way of living by taking her final vows.

Being a religious sister of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate is a life-long process and we are eager to continuously deepen our relationship to God as well as our professional instructions and studies. It is our goal to adjust our Founders charisma to the demands of time. Would you like to join us? „Come and see!“ (Cf Jn 1:39)

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