New sisters in Tansania

The congregation in Tansania (Africa) is growing. On August 28th four young women began their...


General Chapter 2017

From May 2 until May 18, 2017, the General Chapter of our Congregation took place in Berlin. Its...


Provincial Chapter of the German Province 2016

From September 28 till October 02 the Provincial Chapter of the German Province took place in the...


Tanzania and Upcoming Provincial Chapters

On August 28, 2016, 4 Sisters made their First Profession and 3 postulants began their...


New branch in Tanzania

On January 4, 2016 our Sisters in Kongwa, Tanzania, opened a new subsidiary whereby they now have 7...


Our Mission in Africa and Asia

The development of the Tanzanian Region

In 1963 the General Chapter suggested an effort in missionary work of our Congregation. In 1972 the first house was opened in Kilimarondo (Tazania/East Africa). The Sisters concern themselves with ambulant care for the sick, handiwork, household educations and a kindergarten. In 1976 the second house opened in Nanjota, where our Sisters fulfill similar tasks. In addition to that they govern a dispensary.

The great interest of young women in our Congregation led to an initiation of an African novitiate in Nanjota. Because of the growing number of interested women a new training center was opened in 1998 in Chikukwe. The place of administration of the Tanzanian region is Chikukwe. In 2000 a house in Chikukwe could be bought, which was enlarged. Also a kindergarten was built. The dedication took place in 2005. Finally four of our Sisters took over an occupation in the Salvatorian theological institute in Morogowo. In 2009, we established a new monastery in Mwanga, North Tanzania, and three years later the opening of another house in Kilomeni, North Tanzania, ensued. There our Sisters work at the school, the college, in the kindergarten and in the parishs.

During the past 43 years of our Congregation’s presence in Tanzania there have been many difficulties, which had to be overcome. If we wish to broaden our field of functioning in Africa many prayers and a lot of patience is needed. A solid formation of our African Sisters and financial help from Europe is important.

Apostolate work in Africa

The number of our Sisters in 2014: 5 European missionaries, 71 African sisters, 9 novices, 8 candidates. The greatest number of African Sisters gets a good education to eventually be able to fulfill apostolic tasks. Some work in the house, the garden or the fields to care for their own alimentation. Some work in the parish and lead evangelisation groups for youngsters and children. Some work in our kindergartens, in our dispensaries, house-hold sections or teach handiwork. Since 2008 we enable young African Sisters to study in Europe. Many of the debutants did already finish their studies and have returned to Tanzania. Profiting by their new acquirements these Sisters substantially help in educating our young Sisters in Tanzania and to push the Congregation forward.

Our Mission in Eastern Europe

After the reunification of Germany our Congregation tried to also be active in Eastern Europe. Since 1995 we have been working in Ukraine, since 1996 in Latvia and since 2003, with interruption though, in White Russia. In Western Europe we are active in Italy (Since 1970 our Generalate is based in Rome. Furthermore we maintain nursing homes in Pompeii) and in France (since 2001), as well as on Corsica (since 2004). There we mainly campaign for people from Poland and try to help them. Furthermore we provide them with spiritual offers, i.e. religious exercises, retreats, courses etc.

Our Mission in Asia

Since 2009 we are also active in Asia (Manila). We want to help women and girls in need and try to expand our charisma to Asia. Every new beginning requires courage, patience and trust in God. We are sure, that, if God needs our community, he will support us and accumulate what we have sowed.

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