New sisters in Tansania

The congregation in Tansania (Africa) is growing. On August 28th four young women began their...


General Chapter 2017

From May 2 until May 18, 2017, the General Chapter of our Congregation took place in Berlin. Its...


Provincial Chapter of the German Province 2016

From September 28 till October 02 the Provincial Chapter of the German Province took place in the...


Tanzania and Upcoming Provincial Chapters

On August 28, 2016, 4 Sisters made their First Profession and 3 postulants began their...


New branch in Tanzania

On January 4, 2016 our Sisters in Kongwa, Tanzania, opened a new subsidiary whereby they now have 7...


Spirituality and Charism


Our Congregation has a feature of spirituality of Mary. For 150 years we are making real (incarnating) the charism of being ready to serve with joy following the example of Mary. We listen attentively to the suggestion of Mary, "Do whatever He tells you."
We pray with Mary to the Holy Spirit to give us His gifts and making us ready for apostolic service. The Rule of St. Augustine helps us to integrate our apostolates and to build the community.

The main ideas of the Rule of St. Augustine:

Love God!
Love your neighbors!
Give your heart and mind to God!
Share everything in common!
Live the poverty for the sake of Christ!
Do not boast in yourself!
Praise God with sincere heart!
Temper the desires of your body!
Be grateful for the sisterly admonitions and exhortations!
Let the common good be more important then personal profit!
Persevere in time of misery and insufficiency!
Care for the sick with genuine love!
Be aware of the needs of everyone!
Live in unity and forgive each other!
Be obedient for the Love of God!
Serve when you are given an office!
Repent when you made a mistake!
Follow this Rule in freedom!


Every Sister longs to live and act according to the spirit of the Founder, whose charism to care for girls and women is always relevant in spite of changing circumstances. By his unshakable trust in God and indefatigable zeal our Founder teaches us to incarnate the spirit of simple and joyful service: "You should be the servants of the servants."

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