Patrons of the Congregation

Statue of Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God

The life of Mary was focus on the listening.
She is for us an example how to follow the
way of service in listening to the God's calling -
to be always at disposal and persevere like
Mary near the cross of Jesus.
(Titular feast: 8th of December)

Statue of Hl. Joseph

St. Joseph

He was submissive and in every
stage of life a humble servant of God,
fulfilling His will. He is an example of
trust and obedience to God, and his
care and compassion shows us the way
we should act in our apostolic service.
(Feast: 19th March)

Painting of St. Augustine
Painting of St. Augustine

St. Augustine

He gives us the spiritual encouragement
in keeping the Constitution. He teaches
us how to turn to God totally, "to be of
one heart and spirit with God".
(Feast: 28th August)

St. Rose of Lima
St. Rose of Lima

St. Rose of Lima

She is an example of living life dedicated to God,
with total commitment to the care for poor girls
and homeless women. It was for that reason that
she was chosen by our Founder as a patroness
of the congregation he was starting. Until now
St. Rose invites us to live the radical Christian life,
being deeply united with Christ, because that is
the only way to save the world.
(Feast: 23rd August)

Statue of St. Hedwig
Statue of St. Hedwig

St. Hedwig

She was born and lived in the area
where our Congregation was started.
She is a "bridge" connecting Poland
and Germany. She was given to the
first sisters as an example to follow.
(Feast: 16th October)

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